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At Triplemeter, we maintain a set of values & principles that guide all that we do. They help us balance our drive to improve the logistics world while still building an exceptional place to work. Publicly sharing these guiding principles is part of our vision of a strong company having fun, doing cool stuff, and making a difference.

Build. Delight. Repeat. or
(Work Hard. Do Crazy Stuff. Get to Space.)

Decision Principles

  1. Dynamic Tension among Values & Principles - keep the balance, make good business decisions.

  2. Build trust. Reduce risk.

  3. Delight customers w/world class product, service and experience.

  4. Speed (increase velocity, raise standard, focus)

    1. Ship if "neutral or better"

    2. High standards

    3. Slow to hire, fast to fire

    4. Reversible, non-reversible decisions

    5. Focus - (single-track teams). Do one thing fast, then another, done.

  5. Spend for outcomes. Not biggest budget, team, ego, or show.

  6. Managers of outcomes, not people or budget. Attire with impact, not title.

  7. Here to build. Keep Day 1 mentality. Automate away non-build items. Innovate.

  8. Low ego, high curiosity, dig deep.

  9. Inputs, not outputs. Deliver results.

  10. Show your work. Transparency.

  11. Everyone rowing in the same direction. Disagree and commit.

  12. Simple

    1. Pricing, contracts

    2. Easy to use product

    3. Explain internally/externally in clear simple terms. No jargon or special terminology.

  13. Hire better, train & develop.

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