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Tartan has modernized global shipping logistics to provide you - the freight forwarders - with an accurate feed of arrival data for containers.

Tartan ETA


Tartan replaces manual, laborious processes with a more accurate, technology-driven approach. Leveraging machine learning and predictive forecasting, Tartan’s container visibility software calculates accurate arrival schedules and delivers the data to you - the decision makers - via an API feed and an easy-to-use web app.

Reliable Data

The global shipping industry has never had reliable, live estimates for container arrivals – until now. Tartan’s data processing provides a reliable foundation of tracking data, accurately calculated ETAs, and the ability to easily share with customers, so you can both more efficiently run operations.

Intuitive Interface for Easy Set-Up and Use

No matter the number of containers or details needed, Tartan’s drag-and-drop dashboard allows each group on your freight forwarder team to create a view of information that best serves their workflow and allows them to operate most efficiently.

Fast Time to Value

The most challenging question for ocean-going freight forwarders has always been: When will the container arrive? Sign up with Tartan and within weeks, you’ll be equipped to answer that question quickly, easily and with more accuracy than ever before.


Stop Guessing When Your Container Will Arrive

Arming both freight forwarders and shippers with access to the same continuously updated container intel, Tartan helps the whole team work together and eliminates the hassle and inaccuracy of back-and-forth communications.

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