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Depot Visibility and Inventory Management for Empty Containers

Find the right container in the right city and close the deal fast. 


Triplemeter is a vertical SaaS cloud solution that combines live visibility of all the depots where you have containers + deal flow tools + efficient back-office processes to close more deals in under 3 days and reduce your back-office time and cost by 30%+.

Reliable Empty Container Visibility

Let Triplemeter's technology handle the hard work of empty container tracking and inventory management.

We network together all of your container depots so you can see, share with clients,  and manage your containers live from your browser. This cuts days of time and hours of effort off of procuring empty containers to sell or to fill with product.

Screenshots of Triplemeter Container Manager software

Reliable Container Inventory Manager

Triplemeter continuously updating data feed saves hundreds of hours of manual calculations and communication time for the entire logistics ecosystem.

Accurate, Real-time Container Locations

No more guessing. Triplemeter's software calculates accurate arrival schedules, and delivers the data to you - the decision makers - via an API feed and an easy-to-use web app.

Teamwide Visibility for Traders & Equipment Managers

Spend time interacting with customers instead of making and organizing best guesses. With Triplemeter's intuitive, easy-to-use tabular interface, teams can customize their view of data and track updates with ease.

Shared Visibility for You and Your Customers

Freight forwarders and traders can eliminate the hassle of error-prone back-and-forth communication and instead, work together to drive efficiency and cost savings.

Find the empty containers you need, today

Track your inventory of containers, locate them in any depot, and share status updates from your workspace, home, or even the palm of your hand. Ready to get started?

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